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Say Okay to Life

Life comes at you hard and fast sometimes.  Often it’s tough to not take a defensive stance towards the constant borage of moment to moment life.  When you get jaded by the impossibility of saying no to life, and you really don’t feel like saying yes, remember there is always another option.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked at my life and said, “Why? I don’t want this, I didn’t ask for this, and nothing can make me like it!”  Doesn’t stop it from being true, and since there’s no rule saying I have to like it, there’s only one other route.  Be OK with it.

The baby is screaming, the dog just pissed on the floor, and the two year old is in emotional turmoil over lunch options. Now I can’t instantly make everything right, and I certainly don’t like the predicament, but if I breath and focus, I can find acceptance for it.

“Great! Brett’s telling me it’s ok to roll over and let life happen.  What a load off!” Well not exactly, but I am suggesting you remove the strain by refraining from fighting what is.

Faced with a life or death situation, some people might freeze, but I think most find acceptance and optional escape routes rather quickly. Even in sports, the coach doesn’t say to the team, “Alright, just sit down for the next play, we’re finished.” He says, “Ok we’re down nine points with ten seconds on the clock.  We’re going to foul the hell out em, make faces while they shank all their free throws and sink three full court shots.  Let’s go!”  Irrational optimism aside, situations like these demand immediate acceptance, and are hence approached with clarity and little to no resistance. Bringing this sober matter-a-fact attitude to everyday struggles can dramatically reduce the “drama” associated with the problems we would otherwise want to resist.

Accepting life as it is lends the quickest assistance to living your day like you want. This is not a forfeit of action, merely a mindset of allowing that leads to more living and less worrying. Try it out, and if you have any thoughts on the matter, pipe up and share with the community.  Thanks gang,




How Powerful is Thought?

All too often we give the past and our fears of the future too much power over our ability to live and experience life freely. We have all heard phrases such as, “Mind over matter” or “What you think about, you bring about”, but how much of that is really true?

When I first decided on a natural childbirth I was 100% sure I could easily do it and that I would come out stronger and more confident on the other side. But for those who have witnessed The Birth of Love (my first child), they would know that easy and confident are  two words that would not describe that labor and delivery.

My choice to share it on the Internet was to educate and inspire women; In fact I did just that… I educated young ladies about why not to engaged in sexual intercourse without foreseeing the consequences: Never mind raising a child, they didn’t even want to get to the giving birth part… And I inspired women to be sure they wanted to go to the hospital and get an epidural.

Big round of applause to me. Those were obviously not my goals.

I came out of my first birth physically traumatized with 7 painful stitches in the front and 2 months of bed rest. I remember thinking, “They said labor was hard, but no one told me about after labor!”

So what happened to all my confidence prior to the birth? Why did I not feel the strength I thought I would gain after a supposedly “beautiful” experience?
It all has to do with subconscious programming. Even though it made sense to bring my child into the world as intervention, drug-free as possible and how we’re naturally intended, as women, to do it… The ideas, images and thoughts on natural childbirth were scary in my subconscious mind! All I ever heard growing up was that childbirth was the most painful experience a woman would go through. And movies/TV shows proved this statement to be true, with images of women screaming their heads off on the hospital bed.

When I found out about our second pregnancy, I knew something had to change. I was not going to re-live the same experience again and I firmly believed it could be different. Once I decided on this perspective, everything seemed to fall into my lap including a birthing course called Hypnobabies, which focuses on teaching a medical grade self hypnosis technique, originally used for people who undergo surgery but are allergic to anesthetics. Self hypnosis, I found, was just meditation and self affirmation… a “reprogramming” of the subconscious mind and it’s beliefs.

I spent a several times a day learning to relax and affirming to myself that birth was easy, painless, and normal. I affirmed the idea that contractions felt calming and I deserve a quick, easy, painless childbirth.

I had no idea if these affirmations were working, all I knew was that I would do my best to trust it and well… the results were not what I expected. It was so much more than I ever thought possible. Unimaginably amazing:
Watch the Birth of Elovie

With this experience I can no longer deny the power behind our thoughts, beliefs and even subconscious programming; such as reading the news, watching tv or engaging in conversations with friends. I know my experience is something most people do not relate to, but I wanted to share it, along with the powerful images and experience of these videos because I believe anyone and everyone can make their entire life experience whatever they think or believe it could be.

So what are you programming your subconscious mind with on a daily basis? How would you change your thoughts and feelings about certain aspects of life if you could?


Who YOU Are

Trying to find yourself? Often we go through the confusing phase of discovering ourselves and I found a really simple question helped me find out why sometimes “who I think I am” or “who I think I should be” is not always clear. I hope today’s video helps you with a little self discovery and in a direction towards feeling good about who you are…