About Us

We are the Kandu family and we love sharing our lives with you!

Like a sneeze or smile, fun and feel good vibes are highly contagious. Laugh, play, love, and learn along with us as we bring you the everyday realities of our lives from a refreshingly upbeat and positive perspective.

As much as we love to share we are even more interested in what is happening in your life; what your challenges and motivations are, how you experience love and happiness. Join the Kandu Community Conversation to chat with other Kandu’ers, ask us questions, or share ideas and of course loads of smiles and laughter.

If you are new to the “Kandu thing,” we are the Kandu’s (can-do’s) and you can-too!

Kandu Family

• You can see us on YouTube where we post daily videos,
• On Facebook where we share daily happenings and special moments,
• On Google+ where we… we… well it’s the same as Facebook right?
• On Instagram where you won’t want to miss Marin’s picture feed,
• We are even on Twitter where Marin chirps away with updates and happenings on the spot!


5 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Claudia Demarco

    I would like to know more about your natural birth and how you were able to stay so calm during your birth. I’m pregnant now and still very early in my pregnancy. I’m a raw food eat and would love a more natural birth this time.

  2. FaithLovesKids

    Opps that last statement didn’t flow

    You will be a stronger/more close-knit family 🙂

  3. FaithLovesKids

    Hey I just watched your video about ECing!
    I heard of a mom that would take her newborn to the bathroom with her and sit him/her on her lap so they would learn from a young age not to be scared of the “big hole” and then she would watch them for signs like you do with Love and then she would take and put them on the toilet as an infant. I have thought about doing this with my children in the future (I am still a teen)
    P.S. I thought you might find this interesting 🙂
    P.S.S. I was happy to learn that you plan to home school (I am home schooled and plan to home school my children one day) You will be stronger/close-knit as a family!!


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