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World’s Best Mom

How I believe anyone can be the “Best Mom”

We had grandma Gigi in town this past week.  As attachment parents, having someone around that you know loves your kids the same way you do is kinda like getting a break.  Marin and I have never tried the sitter thing, not because we think it’s wrong or bad, we just have some minor trust and control issues 😉

Watching my mom play with the kids however, made me realize how amazing of a parent she truly was and is still.  Her patience, openness, and 100% devotion to the moment with the girls, were nothing short of inspiring.

I grew up under the fortunate circumstance of having a stay at home mother who wanted nothing more in life than to be just that.  Her purpose, motivation, and joy was to nurture her boys.  Only now can I fully appreciate the pure love she unthinkingly gave to me and my brother.

I don’t want to put down modern society, culture, or way of life, but I will emphasize how incredibly powerful an effect her love has had on my life, and how valuable I feel that kind of love is to the world, especially now.  You see, she gave me more than just time with her loving attention, more than motivation with her supportive belief, and more than simple health with her nurturing. What I received, learned, was ingrained with through her mothering was a belief that life is good!  Situations could be rough, but life could be fun! People might lie, steal, and cheat, but they couldn’t take away my belief that love was more valuable than all the rest.

Her actions made me feel secure, a truly valuable quality.  With security, one can approach life openly with understanding, think and act independently of others’ beliefs, and love freely.  Simply put, one can live without fear and that is Living! Can you imagine a world raised with that mindset?

My mom fulfilled what every mother wants for her children,and I believe every mom can.  We may not all have the time she had with her boys, but giving the way she gave, with whatever time you do have, is enough to show any child the truth about life.  It’s Goooood.

Think about it…



Programmed for Positivity

As far as I know, there’s no organism on this world that pops outta the womb, shell, or earth and says, “Forget it, I’m done”, and rolls over to whatever fate finds it first.  Why then, with that seemingly prewired hopeful outlook, do we have such a hard time feeling positive?

Though it’s hard to argue the thought that we are all pre disposed to see the up side to things, somehow our experience often feels bleak.  Our wrinkly, grey thinkers do what thinkers do best and come up with numerous possible catastrophes bound to take place at any moment.

Creativity, a magnificent tool that brought us out of our caves, had a dark brother that likes to get carried away with late night stories around the recently discovered camp fires.  So despite our instinctual love for life, there exists also a healthy, or perhaps not so healthy, imagination that begs us to be weary.

In a world ever more connected and strangely new all at once, the modern imagination has an arsenal unparalleled by any generation that has come before.  Media can be both a help and a hindrance, as nothing spreads like bad news (something I challenge you to stop encouraging).  Even the social environment we live in often markets fear to us in a ploy to make us feel a need for the next new product.

So You have a choice to make. Feed the fire for the spooky story teller in your head and on your screen, OR find the inner spark of positivity that all life is built on. If you choose the latter, here’s a few things I’ve seen that are helpful:

 Reduce negative input – You bring about what you think about. Don’t believe me? Try thinking about how bad people drive before getting in your car next and note what happens. Better yet, try the opposite. By actively reducing negative input from news or your social interactions, your mind will have less fuel to create wild fires of fear in your head, and hence, your perception as well.

Plug in to positivity – Whether it’s music, happy news feeds, or feel good social groups, get involved with those good vibrations and watch them refurbish your perspective of life.

Practice gratitude – Some say write a list in the morning, others reflect on all they appreciate in the evenings, I say do it whenever you want, can, or just feel like.  Make it your spare moment activity.  Practice makes perfect, and having a grateful life is no exception.  It’s also one of the best ways to guarantee a positive life for you and those affected by you (everyone around you).

If all else fails, or you find yourself in a slump, as Dr. Seuss wisely says you’re bound to, remember this:  The world might be full of dangers, tragedies, and slumps, but an ever growing population of people still choose to get out of bed each day and make the most of it.  And guess what? You are one of them, so appreciate that!

Thank you for making my life that much more abundant with your presence, thoughts, and feelings,


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