Hello Change!

It’s been 2 years since millions of people watched the birth of our first child, Love, on YouTube. Through those two years we’ve been blessed with a curious, supportive, wonderful community, we’ve traveled to NZ & Australia to meet a handful of subscribers, we’ve shared the second birth of our child, have grown tremendously as people, and have learned so much about ourselves and the world.

This journey started with inspiration to share and before we decided to walk the path we made a commitment that we would only continue to share what we were inspired to and what we felt would bring value to the world. Our passions in life are ever changing and growing and YouTube has been through many including fitness, healthy eating, non-toxic body & home care, traveling, parenting & minimalism, to name a few. Through our journey, we’ve been gifted with the thoughts and wisdoms from many others who have shared their journey with us, as well as the ability to pass on our knowledge of what makes our lives meaningful and how we’ve learned to feel good.

We feel it’s time that our YouTube channel is no longer about us and our lives, but rather a place you can come to access tools, ideas and support on how to live yours more freely, more meaningfully. We want to inspire you to take action and live, not necessarily come back and watch us live. This is the calling we feel in our hearts and have been excited to share with you.

I know this is disappointing news for some, as you’ve all grown to watch us nearly daily on YouTube. But the truth is, we don’t watch YouTube videos and we wouldn’t subscribe to our own channel, so in essence we’re selling a product we don’t implement in our lives, nor recommend to our closest friends and family.

It is not our calling  or motivation to be entertainers, nor to grow our children in the spotlight of entertainment (though it’s how this all sort of evolved). There are so many better vloggers out there… What’s in our hearts is to share deeply meaningful, life changing value for those who could use it as such.

So with that, we will see you twice a week on YouTube with some heavy set tools and inspirations that have changed our experience into a life worth loving and living, as well as on our blogs weekly.
For those who were just interested in the entertainment from the vlogs, we want to thank you so much for all your support thus far and have no hard feelings should you choose to unsubscribe.

Love to you all,
Marin, Brett & Family


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